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If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in an igloo, here’s the next best thing. Scratch that, this is way cooler than an igloo. The Whitepod Resort in Les Cerniers, Switzerland, features a mountain lodge and chalet, including 7 km of ski slopes with private ski lifts. What’s so special about this place? Whitepod. Whitepod is a camp of 15 dome pods surrounding the central chalet. Each dome is essentially a tent stretched over a wooden structure and platform.

Each pod has a wood-burning stove, organic luxury bedding and a complete bathroom. The pod camp just opened in December 2010 and has recently added a spa. Looks pretty freaking cool.

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Inspired by Dentsu London’s iPad Light Painting, Jinhwan Kim and Cameron Zotter experimented with motion and typography. Moving an iPod Touch in six rows, they countered the motion of a series of videos displaying sections of Akzidenz Grotesk type. They took a long exposure photograph of each session, capturing an interesting image of each letter.

Pretty neat stuff. Give it a try yourself. Download the 26 video files here (.zip, 3.9 mb).

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